Monday, July 16, 2007

The Summertime Blues

Just a few notes on this off-off season of television. Kyle XY, ABC Family, has been on a downward spiral in his sophomore season. It's now a teen melodrama and a 1-1/2 star effort.

On the other hand, Traveler (ABC) is picking up steam. An extended conspiracy riff that is actually doling out clues and aiming for coherency. Well, coherency may be a tad effusive, but it's at least internally faithful. I'm likin' it and giving it 3 stars out of 4. Our 3 lads are together again in episode 7, by the way. I can hardly wait.

Burn Notice (USA) continues to disappoint. I evidently expected too much despite my own admonition that this particular team had never aimed very high. Mr. Donovan does have a certain charm and could go far with better scripts. But better scripts are the key element that he doesn't have. 1-1/2 stars. And don't get me started on the waste of Ms. Gless' talent.

Finally, Zodiac (Warner Brothers, 2007) - terrific cast, well recreated period ambience, yet curiously uncompelling. Which brings us to director David Fincher and writer James Vanderbilt. Mr. Fincher's Se7en is very watchable. There's nothing in Mr. V's resume that gives hint as to why he was chosen. In sum, a 2 star rating. And a waste here as well - this time of Mr. Gyllenhaal. I'm already accustomed to Mr. Downey's throwaway efforts.


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