Monday, June 25, 2007

John From Cincinnati, HBO, 2007. Season 1, Episode 3: His Visit: Day Three (1st aired 6/24/2007)

Aww, it's no secret that I love this show. I'm gonna leave you a snippet of the script to ponder:

Our intrepid threesome goes over to close the door to the haunted unit #24 in the motel . . .

(Barry Cunningham) "Do you hear the dead man singing within, gentlemen?"
(Ramon Gaviota) "I'm half deaf from the leaf blower."
(B.C.) "No, Attorney Dickstein?"
(Meyer Dickstein) "Surfer's ear. Exostosis of the ear canal."
(B.C.) "I alone, then, am favored by that jovially croaking, post-coital falsetto winsomely caricaturing Debby Boone?"
(B.C. nervously humming) "la la la la you give me hope, to carry on"

Closes the door.

ps - the angsty, processed-through-metal version of Feelin' Good at the end of this episode is by Muse from their Origin of Symmetry (2001) album.

To be continued . . .


Blogger Paul Levinson said...

Good snippet. John from Cincinnati is one of the strangest shows I've ever seen, but it's hard to stop watching, and it's fun to write about. Episode 3...

10:15 PM  

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