Monday, June 18, 2007

John From Cincinnati, HBO, 2007. Season 1, Episode 2: His Visit: Day Two (1st aired 6/17/2007)

Ingredients: Sapporo (extra large, super grande, mega big), surfers and their worshipers, and John. What more can I ask? I'm sunburned from a day hiking across the hills of San Francisco, roly from takeout and wholly content.

Any show that has me laughing out loud is a rare and curious show indeed. But the humor in John is an oblique and insidious thing. Be glad, televisionnaires, that this show has been allowed to find its way to our airwaves. Relish its mystery, its absurdity, its devotion to all things I group in that most awesome of categories: bonkers.

More on this series a bit later cause I'm regrouping for Regenesis. I will leave you with 3-1/2 stars out of 4 in the meantime.


Blogger Paul Levinson said...

Well, I admit that I liked the second episode better than the first, and, strangely, I'm going to keep watching ... John definitely has something ... John from Cincinnati: Day Two

10:25 PM  

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