Friday, June 08, 2007

what do we need ? no. 1

he's standing where i was standing, stealing the place
my toes were warming, making shadows where my sun
got brown boys sulky

he makes dangerous sounds, unwordy songs with
bad beats, slippery syncopations, stealing the place
my feet did their shuffles

simone is growly in my ears, piano glissades, shape
shifting and driving words i can't write down, can't
remember for these minutes in this day

and that lover is a thief, scat monger, loose with
every thing, saving for me what's left unsold, but no
one can always be an angel

but some times i'm so careless, dancing on that corner
place, laughing at the tourists, banging soft on my legs
all these simple things i've done

don't let me be understood, so easy, so ready
i have no money, no soft dream, got my upside down
smile, crooked at the sides, plentiful

no use, no use, blues wailing, smokey games in darked up
rooms, where they knew me well, and you're to blame
all struts and bad stories, fake and false

no use, lovers, weaving rules i never follow, running
all the night, chasing down alleys, always wrong and
always the chase that get's me sleep

he's standing where i was standing, putting on the
face, bouncy loose, hopping and hoping, may be like me
now tell me what i need to know


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