Friday, June 22, 2007

what do we need ? no. 3
making angels

i have some small place
to sit, and cross my legs
brewing little coffees
i have my collection of subtle beans
found far, stolen may be
watch my singular smile
i cast around old heady glamours
here, in my small place

do you notice that i tilt my head
all alistened to the musics
i prefer these wrapping moments
when i toss my shoes
free my toes for tapping
stretch them wide for humor
picassos in the dust

this window gorges on the sun
i'll be done brown
gold and silky, some tasty morsel
framed, i am beguiling
worshiped and adored, perhaps
i can be channeled, in your parlor
don't you play at pretty revels
favor mystery and games

i have some small place
old worn, old wooden floors
smudged of color, stripped in years
cool and welcome for a walk
for some tapping, a shuffle and
a slide
where i can sit, and cross my legs
wraggle with the old men
tilt, may be find my poesies

you will remember, dreamed up
you stoled my magicks
for your sleeping
but don't think i mind it
i have charms aplenty
sorcels, bewitches
oddly in a window, for all who pass
i capture each, i capture every one

come sit with me, if i let you
but not for kisses
no romances, but you may wonder
how i hide my passions
how i keep my secrets safe
i've dallied with a thief
like you
but now i manufacture


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