Sunday, August 12, 2007

supper at the greyhound station

supper at the greyhound station, momma leo's quiche
contemplating benches, and the scratches, and the tears
rips of conversation, salty tangy air, but supper
has a special place in that box on main at 3rd
steel containers for possessions, numbered for
a final count, tripped with locks that eat your quarters
coffee black, grim determination for her apple pie

as we listen to metroliners, feel the wheels criss
cross in frenzy, hisses at the pumping stations, curses
for a carburetor made in saginaw before the war
and some passion for departures, eager medleys of
hello, grabbing kisses by the dozen, broken daisies
and a wish for better times, cheesecake frozen
boxed with plastic, cardboard warnings, red and white
what a supper at the greyhound, rare as rain

i favor khakis for these outings, pressed with just a bit
of starch, creases favored by our army, worn by
previous owners, maybe gifts beneath a tree
but i find my treasures where i can, find my dimes
left at the door, cause i'm saving for a ticket, first class
without return, been dreaming of another town, filled
with people never seen, an oasis down the highway
running true and straight and under rainbows
that know my name

hop a stool, sit at the counter where you'll hear
ole leo sing, snippets cut from country records
arias of italian stories, sad songs born in gray kentucky
edged in sooty grime and lost reflection, grinning wide
as the missouri, syncopated and in rhyme, minor
keys have been her favorites, or a booth cleaned
every morning, plastic cushions and stainless forks
paper napkins stamped with smirnoff, breakfast
and a whiff of 90 proof

let me while away an hour, plus or minus some hello
let me chatter to the auntie, bleached with curious
shades of spring, learn a tidbit about the aphids that
could ruin the county fair, i can cross my legs, pontificate
act a fireman, tell a tale, for you'll never find a better place
to see the world or make a friend, let me read your palm
your aura's strong, as we go dutch treat, down here
on main at 3rd


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