Wednesday, August 01, 2007

here in indiana

i see no end, can't see those steps
that finally take me somewhere
out beyond this summer heat
blowsy and yammery on a tuesday

you have certain expectations, cross
legged, brown ankles, shiny knees
creases by your mouth, nearly erased
from the fullness of those lips, i'm tipsy

no sugar here, sugar
i traipse around from wall to
wall, blinded by a shimmery sun
frying eggs out on the sidewalk
a 100 if it's 50, said my pap

and if i told you dreams, every
morning at first light, would you stay
go out tending to the roses,
blather with the hummingbirds
going silly and running on the grass
would you

some things a man won't say, even
when the shadows hunker by the bed
can't say, living where his daddy
loved, hardly laughed, hardly
sang with raw and yellow whisky
can i

you can picnic at the johnson pond
may be i'll croak to an old black toad
work some mystery in to your day
though you dance with spirits
go round and round, and forget
to sleep

this is my life, waiting for your smile
back and forth, caught up with wonder
breathing as the corn goes ripe, yellow
and silky, tall as soldiers waiting for
the rain

there's some magick still, here
in indiana


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