Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More Blues, Cause It's Still Summertime

Random, but hardly idle, thoughts on the entertainment choices we still have. So let's start with . . .

, Webisode 5. It's the little things that are our undoing. And cumulatively, little things keep me from enjoying Sanctuary as I should. We've covered this ground before, but at least there's now a developing storyline and not just discontinuous episodes. I'm crossing my fingers for Amanda's project but still can't go farther than 2 stars out of 4. Soon?

The Closer, TNT, 2005 - Present. Trudging along, wearily, is our Brenda. Stressed and stressing. Not quite silly enough for USA and its breakfast of characters; not good enough for the big fellas over at HBO or Showtime. But it does have its fans as it coasts along into a 3rd season. Where do you rate this contrivance, fans? Better than my 2 stars?

John from Cincinnati, HBO, 2007. What a roller coaster of a series. I'll write a bit more about this episode 6 when I've recovered. Actually, I'm going to watch it again - there was just too much to grasp in one viewing. Imagine kabuki and ancient Greek theater combining in a chimera and you'll have the riff of John at the motel doing whatever John does. And that's the crux of the show, isn't it? 3-1/2 stars.

Wire in the Blood, ITV, Season 5. The enduring Robson Green is iconic on British telly. The opener for the fifth season (2002 - 2006) is not particularly memorable, but does come with a rather nice twist. Mr. G segued into Northern Lights and then City Lights following Wire. You just can't keep him down.


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