Tuesday, August 07, 2007

the fortune

i will soon be gone, if those
waves come to shore
fallen, and i won't get back
on these feet

you once said that the
shore meets the sea, some
now that i've told you
that i'll soon be gone,
any words for me

some things are best for
children, small tears
drying flowers still on
their stem,
bedeviled, perhaps
half eaten

he's been watching me,
squarely, evenly, without
reservation, or do i need
to remind you, that i'll
soon be gone

stairs don't always lead
where they should, just
steps that follow steps
no higher, not high enough
and though i try, it
still escapes me

or better for a child, some
things, whispery sad songs
juggling balls in stardust
watch me until tomorrow
not much longer

and i'll be gone


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