Wednesday, August 15, 2007

the under stander

got it, understand it, finally
hard day rays, shifted directly from the sun
like to laze down on my knees, cooking
this 4pm like a cholesterol bath
yes i am a fool, sitting here in the raw
smiling to the passers by
nodding sympathetically, licked
by poodles, snarled by dachshunds
juggling counterfeit quarters
another attention grabbing ploy
of which i have a few

senorita with your samba, his feet are
far too big, so obvious in his j c penney
his graying bvd's, chasing cadillacs
just for a laugh, would he wash their windows
fawn and pawn, wax the hood, senorita
there's a place in this production, small
enough for your minor talents, if you
can twist, toss a tune or bewilder
the strangers on the street

i am a fine collector of oddities on their prowl
a great respecter of the hurly-burly
aficionado without equal, bearded ladies
snake-tailed suitors, palmists dressed
with funerals on their mind
so cross your ankles, as your mother once
advised, and save some charm for another day
i have your future well in hand

but my company's not yet set, there's a spot
unattended, cause i have it, understand it
know the starts and stops, the jerky in-betweens
my subtle contemplation has given me my due
while i soak this adulation, lathered by hurrahs
stomping crowds demanding more
we have our game to play, senorita
loving me is never free


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