Monday, August 13, 2007


jimmy, was james only yesterday, suddenly fluid
found out by an uncasual observer, noncasual suddenly lusted
but only after borrowed flannels, worn gray t's had
found their way his way, bringing some other person's way
into his life

his soft face was acquiring definition, by this round
about journey, by this most involving circuit of clothes
taken, given then worn in his idiosyncratic wealth of
stolen style, a waking paradigm of writer's block
on soft exploring feet

peeping warily from his covers, fleecy downy covers
shaggy in the morning, powerful and somber, wondering
who was sleeping darkly, nestled like a wounded chick
burrowed for some newly driven heat, needing
no attention

nearly panicked, then nearly smiling, still uncertain
of his accomplishment, of the rawness of this just-birthed
day, perhaps a newest birthday, circled on a calendar
lauding of his bravery, boasting like a bag from abercrombie
flush against his leg

creeping warily from his covers, startled by his naked ploy
whatever it had been, whatever its resolution, eying posters
won in nameless games, photos spying on his bareness,
protesting his unawareness, so he searched for j crew boxers
with a sigh

what was the fascination of that mirror, hanging loopy nonchalant
grabbing silvery reflections, curved distortion of an interloper
curiously exploring a domain he'd never seen, sniffing scents
that sprang unbounded every where, department store products
hastily guaranteed

sleep had not released him, fully, wholly, still wanted him
and the slow rhythm of the mystery deep cocooned, what would
emerge, what sort of butterfly would wind its way into his life
into a garden barely tended, expectant, green and fertile
what sort

jimmy, only hours past a james, gave breathing lessons to the
hobbyists, this suburban prince, candy lipped thief, fully lost
fully mesmerized a stranger type of morning, waking in a zip
code outside his own, then reaching for a cotton blanket, his
heart's own nest


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