Sunday, October 29, 2006

near memphis tennessee

why are you making hoo-doo, little jamey-ray, here at the edge
of nowhere, sitting in the sun, under oak trees full of spanish moss,
redbugs in the shade, looking at the skyline of memphis tennessee

can you fashion me a lover's charm, give me nights all passioned
up? i have monies made with silver, jewels to glitter in the dark,
i would help you with your magicks, bring you herbs you've never

seen, write me a spell to turn the widows, break the locks on
beacon hill, i have a thirst for fame with glories, sly enchantments
when i roam; let me sit right here, beside you, i have a strangeness

of my own, and a fancy for these mysteries, your weavings
in the air, can i give a brother's counsel, sing some darkness in
your ear, for you've ever been an oddsome child, quick as hornets

in the grass, i watched you bury your old daddy, as the bells
said 5am, heard your momma's jolly eulogy, smelled aunt sarah's
powdered rose; yes, let me sit right here, beside you, in this

field of tennessee, you've a power rare and subtle, and i a thirst
for glory's fame; let me put my arm around you, are you
shaking with the cold? i have peace for a lad with torments, calm

so far from home; i feel a stirring in the rainclouds, there are
demons riding high, i can rid your heart of clamors, protect you
from your flesh, but why are you making hoo-doo, near memphis



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