Sunday, December 17, 2006

a life like mine

who follows me, inside a life like mine
i manage my walk, stack ladders
easily found
what i seek is somewhere
easily boxed
counting breath is a pastime
for the poor
are books shelved and full
with explanations
day bleeds but night withholds
their similarities discomfort
there has never been an ear
so finely tuned
can hear the rankles
choppy murmurs persistently
making weight
are my hours any shorter
than yours
should i recalibrate our second hands
if we patter, side by side
similar destinations, but never
the same
my questions no longer require
that day was frittered
loosed for a bit of sour whiskey
you see, i once collected
hard replies
had pockets overbulging
they've been so easily remembered
inside a life like mine


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