Saturday, December 16, 2006

a new noel

been making bullets in my basement
it's an artform with many flavors
silver full of honey
copper to impress
etched but never fingerprinted
when you tire of bouche amuse
truffles out of season
clever gifts are on your list

city life carries various pleasures
anonymity assured
dusty windows diminish
ladders leave a trace
mothers gather casings
recycling's such a chore
the streets give up their treasures

armor comes in tangerine
puce and vivid yellow
urban winds bring jolly tidings
cracks and syncopated shocks
metronomic regularity
harmonies to lure our lost candide
back to town
promises with clauses
and i guarantee my bullets
they're time-tested as you know
better than collagen caresses
twice as sweet

if you order
order quickly
it's the season
for despair
don't come knocking
make appointments
don't look for bargains
i'm always fair
receipts are never offered
they must be purchased
like the air
let's hang our lights
up on the rooftops
an elf's an easy target
a cookie and a glass of milk
is irresistible


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