Thursday, August 16, 2007

strange summer days

strange summer days, click your heels, snap
your fingers if your drift is toward almond milk
chai latte, wonder if the mango left the tree
of a civil estate, a worker's paradise, wonder
bout cold war benefits discarded, crammed
bewildered when the tele heads protect their own

but dancing down on haight, out of sight of
a golden gate, we can find a protest suitably
directed, agreeably choreographed, meaningful
in that old time ziggy way, come two step, back
step, swirl your smoky swirl, as if your misadventures
end on a monosexual note

wrap my falafel with unrest olives, pasty humus
uncooked for goodness sake, or we may digress
for guatemala ain't a people state, and i need kindness
in my life, let me strip the strife out of my life,
spread these shoulders for some burden left behind
yes, i wear my zeitgeist t a little large, cause the
message needs to have its say

any where we sit, we can rap and tap, take the checkers
out of the box, you were a mongoose in another life
said the reader, palm in hand, tea shaking softly
at the bottom of your cup, and lead a mystical
existence, and draw the squares for chess here
on the street, reopen the salvation, cause the goodwill
don't understand

tame this unsweet confusion, babbley on haight street
jazzy in the spring, hippie come june, a shelter for the
derelict, congested by the ill-wind pollen that seems
to float aimlessly, fanciful in its equitable distribution
harbinger of a free market come and gone
gypsies and wiccans, warlocks and gnomes
mercenaries demobbed on tatooine and restless
for a fight

strange summer days, jerky quirky days, tootin' for
jesus, singing a little praise, and don't put sugar in my
smoothie, even if it's brown, non-commercial fructose
sucrose, gel-caps filled with vitamins, protein powdered
fine, cause i'm aiming for some purity, some surety
the deck is new, crisp and eager for the game, so shuffle
deal and place your bet, something's on its way


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