Wednesday, December 20, 2006

funeral songs

funeral songs make full use of d minor
7 stanzas may take you to the close
long lost cousins do a brief appearance
cut roses are mysteriously appropriate
these are the elements of our despair

casseroles and cakes, would you count the chairs?
cover mirrors, pull the shades, what have i
fendi knows their fabrics, dark and subtle
just the thing

mother wears the same chanel, to every wedding
every wake
neutral colors are an investment that the sensible
should make
donations, phone calls, closets need some air

i understand there was a special friend
perhaps from omaha
they'd meet in far flung places
chicago, or san fran
every spring, every autumn. is there tea?

towels are in the dryer, beer is in the fridge
aunt cecile has made her favorite cookies
put the children out to play
not the china, it was granny's best
there may be strangers in the house

i think that i should lie down, just
a minute of repose,
organize the christmas dinner
a diversion, but i'm in need
we had a lifetime bound together

now i'm all alone


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