Monday, August 27, 2007


don't slow me down, try to catch me i don't think
you can, i'm bounded down my alley ways, sniffing
to the boulevard where beamers fly, caddies finned
in '59, bullet snouts consume the air, burn the wind
if you can

or try to touch or solve me, resolved as i am to
chasing cars, wrapping me a future with a clarity
or try to mystify, arouse the streetsome lads
shaking down their quarters, begging down old

or try to stomp with me, i've got flying in my bones
wail with cats for nightwise treats, packaged
with my happiness in mind, got treacheries enough
lecheries enough cause a house is never just a house
or a home

don't slow me down, i have a nose for those with
needs, willing to accommodate my pockets, eager
for a dose of intellect, tanned didactic intellect
proustian bare intellect, every consumer's ideal
cause i work

sincerely, a bargain for those who wonder, wander
read their labels carefully, invest their hard earned
for the benefits of medication, make a totter at the edge
and i will give a balance to a life down spiraled, wired
cause i adjust

for life


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