Friday, August 17, 2007

my corner

backed into my favorite corner, dreaming pizza dreams
goat cheese frolics on a bed of pesto, drizzled to a whole wheat crust
up against this yellow wall, artsy and articulate, but i don't
drink mocha, or sprinkle chocolate, don't find satisfaction
with my nutmeg freshly ground, i am so spellbound
draped in nonchalance, jagged with pretense smelling you

across my little haven, where memories hunker chatty
bring their faux fantasy to idle near at hand, occupying
that empty chair, filling in the blanks of an after noon life
gentle before the sunset, shaky and insensitive in the dark
i am so raw, playing the risk game from my corner
pounding out some drivel, every day chasing fame
in spurts, ragged with pretense watching you

will you play my game ?


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