Tuesday, August 21, 2007

from the urban storm, #2

avenues cross streets cross alleys cross boulevards
cross lanes with a mathematica grid intensity
always leading me some where, often abstractly
cause i am digitally challenged, make the eye of my
own storm

and find this problematic need for order, for graphic
awareness a 74 degree down side of urbanity
narrow tenacious shuffleboards for holding houses
with some order, but suitable for graffiti's laminating

my aim less forays find comfort in the shadowy
back paths, in the gray blue shimmer snorting hip
in the minor lapses to disorder, lesser theater
abounding behind the laundries, take-out palaces

i can ride the wafts of mandarin surf, dim-sum
eddies, skim upon napolitano sauces, capered for
the benefit of tourists, in the wakes of schools of
anchovies, salt-encrusted parchment

is wholly proper for lessons in voice, huzzahs and
oles, boogie steps against their brickey sets
suitable, you can be sure, for canaries not long removed
from cages

wholly proper for funeral attire, gathered for its appeal
to neon, its timeless propriety, its barking self-awareness
classic cuts by givenchy, temperance rules by dior
wide or narrow, always recognizable

and it will all begin in cleveland


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