Monday, August 20, 2007

from the urban storm

noise random fluid spiky and punctuated, but i have a deadline
scheduled outage when i trivialize into an after noon's downtime
scheduled for musing, perusing, for crossing legs on the avenue
for critical contemplation of the passers by, dissection by astute
analysis, separating layers of fashionista wargear by designer
social impact, sexual innuendo, power grabs of talon shoed diva
addicts, for shaded eyes squinting in the hard day ultraviolet

he's gone, that on-the-road replay, hankered for a cafe
menu reading highway burgers, off-road fries, reading
small-town shakes, habanero chiles for some sparkle in his eyes
toss corn husks from a pickup truck will get him honey brown
muscles, fade some of that desperado mural from his back
he's gone tired from cat-night prowls and sloppy whiskey
edgy gets exhausting when i listen to the mini-rants and
maxi-expositions, gets smirky with stale tortilla chips
whole-food salsa, caloric overload

what will i remember, 37 days down this road, or just
37 hours after all the clamor has moved away in a volvo wagon
bundled tied crammed, holding all the fruits of a dumpster
dive extravaganza

holding the little shelter i'd picked from odds, from ends
a lean-to constructed outside your comfort zone, uninspected
largely unsuspected, not yet finished, reviewed for code

what will i remember, 27 minutes after a shower and a
shave, calvinized, mordantly determined, pungently prepared
with pheromonal scents

somewhat diminished.


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